Attractions in and around the hotel

We have listed here more informations about South Tyrol and tips to organise your holidays in Lana and surroundings:

Botanic Gardens at Trauttmansdorff Castle


Around Trauttmansdorff Castle near Meran, once the holiday castle of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, are ranged the flowering gardens of the castle. This spacious area is home to plants from all over the world. Paths weave their way up the slope through water and terrace gardens. A unique experience for anyone interested in plants and flowers.

Castle of Tirol


The archeological museum provides an overall view about the early settlers (7 BC) in this alpine region. From the Bronze Age, there is a melting furnace, still fully intact to be seen. The main wall, built around 1100, remains one of the oldest.

Labyrinth - Ansitz Kränzel


The stately medieval residence of Kränzel, surrounded by vineyards and the 7 gardens, is unique in South Tyrol. An exemplary place in which not only what is traditional is cared for and conserved, but where also the lustre of new artistic and cultural activities burns bright. The garden is alive. Here visitors are not confronted with precise statements nor guided by predetermined ways of thinking, but rather stimulated intellectually.

Merano Thermal Baths


Meran’s thermal baths are more than a further addition to the feel-good facilities at this well known health resort; they are an architectural highlight, too. The exciting glass and steel cube is the heart of the new spa complex on the south bank

South Tyrol Museum of Archeology


Over 5000 years ago, a man climbed up to the icy heights of the Schnalstal glacier and died. He was found by accident in 1991, with his clothes and equipment, mummified and frozen: an archaeological sensation and a unique snapshot of a Copper Age man. For several years highly specialised research teams examined the mummy and the articles found with it. They have been on exhibit since March 1998 at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.


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