Massages - caresses for the soul

Aroma oil massages with South Tyrolean organic oils

Full body massage

In addition to loosening the muscles, the natural skin function is supported and the blood and lymph flow is stimulated.

50 Min. 68 €

Partial body massage

This is applied to individual regions of the body:
Back - neck, foot - leg, neck - shoulder, face - head - neck

25 Min. 45 €

Warm oil massage enriched with aromatic essences

The whole body is gently pampered, tension is released and stress is reduced. A feeling of pleasant relaxation fills the entire organism.

50 Min. 70 €

Vital massage

A combined foot zone massage followed by a back and neck massage causes a special relaxation of the spine.

50 Min. 68 €

Back resonance cupping massage

This deep mechanical action produces an intense loosening of the muscles and activates all tissue layers also through the time-honored cupping.

50 Min. 70 €

Foot zone massage

The zones on the soles of the feet are very good reference points to positively stimulate the body organs.

50. Min 70 €

Full body peeling

With the help of the finest peeling substances, dead skin cells are removed. The skin becomes smooth and supple.
Salt - hay - Enyzm peeling

25 Min. 42 €

Ayurveda massage

Abhyanga, the knowledge of life. With warm sesame oil is massaged with slow, rhythmic strokes over the energy pathways, the meridians. This technique has a very deep effect due to the warmth and the purifying anointing.

Abhyanga Ayurvedic full body massage
50 Min. 75 €
combined with head and face massage
80 Min. 105€
Ayurveda peeling
25 min. 42 €


This Ayurvedic massage can bring all your sensory organs back to their normal, most unstressed state. Special spot techniques on the head, neck and shoulders promote blood circulation to the head and relieve tension.

25 Min. 42 €